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17-Year Old Boy Brutally Murdered In Public For Cursing Bad Words! Family Cries For Justice!

Recently, social media users were enraged after a 17-year old boy was brutally beaten and killed in public. According to a post by a netizen named "Chiechie Cabuang", the young boy was killed because of an argument and the boy was cursing bad words to the suspects. The boy pleaded to them and yet the suspect beat the boy up and even slapped the boy with his gun. 

Now, Cabuang, the girlfriend of the boy, Ricardo Munoz, posted the incident in hope of seeking help of the PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa. The post immediately went viral as many social media users sympathized and expressed their condolences and all were hoping that justice should be brought upon those who did it. The post gained a lot of attention and as of writing it gained over 15k shares, 14k likes, and 7.4k comments on facebook.

Source: Facebook