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12-Year Old Girl Brought To Hospital Pregnant By 40-Year Old Husband!

A video report is now going viral all over social media websites because of a man from Xuzhou China who was arrested for bringing his pregnant wife in the hospital. The 40-year old man claimed that his wife is already 20 years old yet doctors already alerted the authorities because they discovered that the woman was just like a schoolgirl and she was just 12 years old and bearing the man's child.

Though there was a woman with the husband when they came in the hospital claiming that she was the mother-in-law but authorities doubted the claim. The man was immediately arrested and later on authorities found out that the 12-year old girl is not from the country itself. She has no records, no id, no everything and police says that she is an illegal migrant and probably was sold to the man as a slave. The video caught the attention of many social media users and it gained many views on different social media channels. Later on, the topic was re-blogged by so many social media pages and websites.

Source: Youtube