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The phenomenal actress and model, Maja Salvador, has been on the social media spotlight after a video of her was brought to social media and she has been the talk of the town ever since.

We all know that the actress is famous in the industry because of her great acting and dancing skills and most of the time many people are dazzled of her beauty because she is really attractive. Now, a video of her is making netizens go crazy as she gives out her amazing dance moves on the video.

The video shows that Maja Salvador suddenly dances infront of a foreign guy who is playing guitar by the beach. It was really a beautiful sight as Maja graces her body with her incredible and beautiful dance moves. You will be amazed of her dancing while in her sizzling bikini on fire.

But what caught the netizens attention is that they noticed something weird with the guy playing the guitar in the video which made the video so viral all over social media to the point that many social media users, pages and channels reblogged the video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube
We all know that accidents may happen at anytime and sometimes we cant avoid it, especially to these celebrities where in everyone's eyes is on them so we try our best to be alert and prepare for the worst.

But sometimes we see this videos where in celebrities and personalities would suffer from Wardrobe malfunction while on air, its not intentional but rather an accident due to some reasons like their in a hurry or their beautiful dresses. Like this video from an Italian news show that went viral all over the internet after the news caster suffered a horrible wardrobe malfunction live on air.

The video shows the news caster and celebrity, Barbara Ovieni, and she is discussing some morning news to everyone. She is quite known to the world because of her gorgeous looks and stunning body physique but now she making rounds all over the internet for her wardrobe malfunction. She was just explaining the news and then she later on pull up her beautiful white dress with out know the the bottom part went sideways and revealed the wardrobe malfunction.

The video immediately went viral as many people were shocked of the video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube
A story report is now going viral all over social media after a concerned facebook user named Xtinah brought to facebook her heartbreaking story.

We all have seen different stories of heartaches, breakups and cheating affairs but this one is really intense because for the longest time she stayed strong in the relationship she didn't know what's really happening to them. Now, when she uncovered everything she brought it to facebook and many netizens were caught in the story as they relate and feel the things that she was going through right now.

According to her post, she said that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 10 years now and they are planning to get married this coming august 2018 but lately she had a hunch that her boyfriend is being cold to her. In her intuitive nature, she uncovered a secret that has been on going for quite some time now and she was shocked that her boyfriend is cheating on her for years. She discovered the relationship with another woman and brought to facebook all of their conversation and pictures.

Many people were enraged with the boyfriend and the story went viral all over social media. You can go check the story on the link below.

Source: Facebook
The actors Vice Ganda and Piolo Pascual has been on the social media spotlight after a clip from an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice was aired and brought to social media.

We all know that the TV host Vice Ganda has been known for his witty sarcastic jokes and creative pranks that he pulls off to different people in the industry but this time the show has a surprise for him as he celebrates his upcoming birthday. Now, Piolo volunteers to make an amazing prank to Vice and it has brought a joy to many netizens on social media.

The video shows that Vice Ganda just finished a shooting and he decided to go home, so he goes to his car and his staff assisted him yet little did he kniw that the cameras are all ready and the prank was already been set up. Now, Piolo pretends to be his driver, he drove all away around the city and Vice already irritated and notice that it took a long way to go home when his house is just near. So he ask the driver, "is this your first time going to the town house?" but he was surprised when he saw that it was a different driver and it was Piolo.

It immediately went viral all over social media and many fans and supporters were happy about it. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube
We all know that summer season has come and people are now planning to go on different beaches and beautiful tourist destinations. We can see on social media that people are posting their own summer bod photos and as well as celebrities enjoying the summer heat on different resorts and beaches. Now, the Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach brought to social media series of photos flaunting her beautiful body in one of the prime spots and has been the talk of the town ever since.

The photos caught the attention of many netizens and lauded the beauty queen for her astounding beauty but what captured the attention of many others is the comment that one of the social media sensations "Senyora Santibanez" gave. She said jokingly on her post that she was irritated of Pia Wurtzbach and making the summer much more heated up, then, Pia savagely replies "Aba! Hindi ko naman kasalanan na mas malaki ang dede ko sayo Senyora! Che!" This caught the attention of many social media users because the beauty queen rides on the common jokes that people throws to the social media sensation and now it is circulating all over. You can go see the story on the link below.

Source: Instagram
We all have seen and heard about the King of Catwalk Sinon Loresca recently as his video went viral just after the Miss Universe Pageant when he uploaded a way to do the catwalk in his own bikini.

Now, many netizens cant get enough of it as a new video took the social media by storm when he uploaded a catwalk battle between him and the actress and model Kim Domingo. Social media users were surprised after they have seen the video and now lauding them for bringing fun and laughter and for the video that they did.

The video shows that Kim Domingo suddenly did a catwalk and it was captioned Sinon Loreca Vs. Kim Domingo. Displaying her dazzling beauty and amazing summer body figure, Kim blazes the floor with her intense catwalk. Then suddenly Sinon appeared and did his own catwalk with flair and together with Kim they ended it with an amazing walk which caught and surprised many netizens online.

The video went viral all over as many netizens, pages, and channels reblogged the video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Facebook
The actor and comedian, Chocoleit, has been on the social media spotlight once again and he has been the talk of the town ever since a video was brought to social media. We all know that Chocoleit has been on a controversy after a video of him kissing a man went viral on social media. Now, another one has been going around but unlike before this time its really intense because it was a celebrity.

In the video, Chocoleit was seen passionately kissing a man and later on revealed who the man is. It was the celebrity and phenomenal actor Gerald Anderson at the end the video he said something that shocked many netizens but it was meant to be a parody to the recent issues. The video surprised many netizens and it went viral immediately all over up to the point that many social media pages, channels and websites reblogged the video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube