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We all know that all fathers protects their daughters and such scenario is not allowed to happen in every father's house. Yet, a story is now going viral all over social media after a father shared his story on Reddit when one morning he found his daughter lying on the couch with a stranger. At first, he was furious but his reaction was really priceless.

The story goes that when he saw his daughter, he asked his wife and son to prepare breakfast and be ready to confront the man. He also asked his son to know what the background of the man who's been dating his daughter. Later on during the confrontation, his son told him that the man had no family, no relatives, and is homeless yet really loves his daughter. The man felt compassion to him and gave him the spare room that they had. 15 years after, the "son" that he found is now having a thriving business together with his daughter and gave 3 beautiful children. You can go check out the story on the link below.

Source: Reddit
A video is now going around on social media after a husband posted a video of what he caught inside his house after he installed a hidden camera. We all see videos of people installing cameras in their house to ensure their safety but this man didn't expect what his camera has caught and he was furious of what he saw so he uploaded it on Youtube.

The hidden camera shows at first that the husband is suppposed to be going for work and was giving final instructions to their housekeeper which he suspects that she was "stealing" from them. So he kissed his wife goodbye and went out for work but he didnt know that his wife was having a relationship with their housekeeper. The moment the husband walks out of the door, the housekeeper and the wife immediately went on and having the time of their life. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube
Everyone knows that the hardest part of being an OFW is sacrificing your time being spent with your family because you are away. We all have heard different struggles of an OFW because they cannot attend to their families when in times of great need but in exchange of that is much more easier life because of the great opportunities abroad. Sadly, we hear horrible stories all over the internet and this time it is really tragic.

A youtube channel called PHShowbiz reported on their video that an OFW hunged himself on a Crane in his working with after finding out that his wife was cheating on him with another man. What caught the attention of many is that, the man who killed himself caught his wife cheating in a controversial video from a website. This has lead him to misery and took his own life. Many netizens were saddened of the news and now it is going viral all over. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube
The actors, Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, has been on the social media spotlight after a video from an episode of MMK was posted on social media. Julia and Joshua are good friends in real life and now their names have been on top of the trend after portraying the roles of two teenagers in cancer stricken love story.

The episode shows how two teenagers fought for their love for each other while the girl is suffering from cancer and was denying love because she was afraid of what will happen to her partner when she will die. The boy being tested with his love and loyalty for the girl gave his all but ended up in a car accident. The story was really beautiful and the actors were praised by many netizens and it is now going viral all over. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Facebook // Elitenewsfeed
A video is now going viral after a man proposed in the middle of the foodcourt and has gone bad. We all have seen different sweet and romantic wedding proposals all over the internet but this one caught the attention of netizens because it was an epic fail.

The video shows that a violinist suddenly serenading the two girls and one by one people are crowding up until the woman stood up and the man went down on his knees pulling out the ring and proposing to the girl. But then, the girl deliberately turned down the proposal and the man so shocked and was in tears. The video has gone viral now all over social media. You can go check out the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube
A video is now going viral on social media after an african man shared his life story here in the Philippines. We all have seen incredible and inspiring stories all over the internet but this one quite different and it caught the attention of many social media users.

The man's name is Chu-Nee Akanbi and he is from South Africa and he decided to stay in the country since 2007. He is now working as a water delivery boy and brings drums of water to different houses in Binondo Manila and during his interview he shared how he loves the attitude of Filipinos. The video gained the attention of many social media users and he was lauded by many netizens for what he is doing. You can go check out the video on the link below.

Source: Facebook
A story is now going viral after a japanese girl named Reiko brought to social media an inspiring lesson which her dad has taught her when it comes to drinking. We all know that all parents are over protective with their children especially our Dads. But this one Dad is quite different and knows how to handle his rebellious daughter. 

The japanese girl Reiko shared to social media an amazing story of how her dad taught her how to handle alcohol by getting her really drunk. Back then when she was on a rebellious stage, her dad invited her to go out to the bar and have drinks "Sky is the limit". But after she got drunk and passed out when she woke up the next morning she had a wonderful lesson that changed her life and her mindset in handling alcohol. You can go check out their story on the link below.

Source: Facebook